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Week 4: Write a prose soliloquy in which you are either Hamlet or Ophelia commenting on the world around you in 2020.

The Ophelia of 2020

Why has mother nature scorched, destroyed and abandoned our dreams for the new decade? a decade that was most anticipated and one that promised change. Fire, rain and wind have made us tremble with every step. Why must she torture the innocent without a thought and not teach those who remain selfish how to look after our world? And yet, my mind is torn, I cannot fully blame her for the destruction we have seen as we are our own enemies and are the causes of our own misfortune. The physical landscape shook all around us and yet human kind agitates us more than we can admit. Nature heals and re builds itself into the most mesmerizing landscapes ever seen. If only we could do the same! More and more I am disappointed with the direction our world is taking, the disregard of basic human rights for those less fortunate, the toxic politics and fanatic addiction to money that fills our news feeds. One cannot escape the screens that control our minds, if we would only look up and appreciate the natural beauty of our world. Trees once blackened have already begun to sprout colours of green and yellow, water nourished the earth when it needed it most. From this, hope is born and we should aim to grow as a society and show compassion and strength in times of hardship. Amongst this chaos I have never felt so grateful for the things I am able to achieve and that my eyes have been so lucky to admire. Where around the world suffering, poverty and abuse encapsulate the lives of many- the selfish need to slow down and work with each other. Stop! I say! and take a look.

3 thoughts on “Blog 1

  1. Hi Sky!

    It’s really nice to see that you’re jumping head first into the blogs, starting off with a strong creative piece. As I read through your soliloqouy I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the character of Ophelia fitted the ideas of nature and our human capacity for mistreating our beautiful surroundings. Your soliloqouy enhanced the image of Ophelia laying in the river surrounded by greenery, and in my mind transformed her into a being that had become with the nature that took her in and accepted her in her final moments. Nature is always accepting of us, we often tear nature down. It’s not a pleasant thought, but it is an important one. Your portrayal of Ophelia as the voice of nature is one I think I’ll hold on to.

    Your choice of words and style of writing is so pleasant to read. As I read I could see moments of importance being articulated by certain words that seem to lengthen out the meaning of any given line. Your use of the word mesmerizing helps paint the beautiful picture of nature that I assume that you see. My only real criticism is that I wish that you had found a more pronounced rhyme scheme to carry the soliloquoy along with, only so the images that you have created here remain memorable and more poetic.

    However, this is wonderful piece that has some beautiful imagery with an even more important messsage. I look forward to reading more of your work 🙂

    – Jackson Eagles

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